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The Royal Swedish Academy of Technology, Oct. 9, announced three scientists John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino were honored for growing lithium-ion batteries.
According to the Nobel Committee, lithium-ion batteries that made up the true revolution, completely changed the lives of advanced human. This is the line of rechargeable batteries, the core role for the operation of everything from mobile phones to laptops and communications.
American scientist John B. Goodenough is working at the University of Texas, and professor born in M. Stanley Whittingham Hungary before moving to the United States and work at Binghamton University.The other is Professor Akira Yoshino currently working at Meijo University (Japan).

bring honor this time, Professor B. Goodenough became the oldest Nobel laureate in advance about so far this year he has 97 years old.
With the groundbreaking research of the three Nobel Laureates in Chemistry 2019, people have entered a new era. Gradually replacing fossil energy with cleaner energy flows, when it is convenient to store electrical energy into lithium-ion batteries and charge and discharge the common times these batteries are owned. This technology has reached the limit of science and people are seeking, inventing batteries that possess the ability to store new energy, stronger, lighter and more secure.
“Professor Goodenough’s contributions in the field of material technology have fundamentally shaped the technology we consume today. From the power supply of smartphones in your pocket, to business. His determination of the properties of magnetism, these contributions opened up new avenues for scientific and scientific research. The cathodes he developed for the lithium-ion batteries were built on the work of Professor Whitsham, who was co-awarded with him and became commercially viable thanks to Professor Yoshino’s Project. scientific breakthroughs occasionally or – if possessed – an individual effort and it is perfectly fitting that this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry should be scoured in this way, “said the president of 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry technology Venki Ramakrishnan Review of this year’s award.
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