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Agents branch

Are you interested in solar power field and want to do solar power business but don’t know where to start?

Lithaco will help you

  • First, you should take some time to learn online about solar power systems.
  • Or visit the article section on solar power at Website www.lithaco.vn or www.solarco.vn
  • You can also take part in free solar conferences that lithaco holds periodically at the end of each month.
  • Then you choose yourself a position to do office or shop. You begin to register at Lithaco by calling the advice center 1900252527 of Lithaco to have a consultant send you the registration form.

After Lithaco receives your registration form, you have begun to become our agent. We will advise you on your first orders, and invite you to attend Lithaco’s regular training sessions.

Through the seminars, you will update more knowledge about solar power, more knowledge to self-advice customers, sales knowledge, and legal policies. We will connect you with engineers and sales to support you.

Lithaco’s agent policy is companion policy (Please contact Lithaco for more advice). Because lithaco always accompanies you to prosper together. We aspire to bring solar power to as many Vietnamese households as possible.

Agents branch

Vietnam is facing the risk of serious electricity shortage, especially in southern Vietnam, a series of thermal plants are behind schedule. The operating plants must import coal fuel from abroad, the oil fields are extremely difficult because of China’s irrational sovereignty, coal mines are also gradually exhausted, and large hydroelectric power is almost With no room for development, the nuclear power project in Ninh Thuan was also suspended by the National Assembly in 2016.

In addition, in the context that the whole world is saying no to coal-fired power, Vietnam is in urgent need of electricity, so it is developing strongly the coal-fired power plants which are contrary to the world trend, so in the future. In the next few decades, our children and grandchildren must continue to clean up these factories.

So it can be said that with the 4.0 revolution that is happening around the world, in Vietnam, the energy revolution has started right now, and this energy revolution is called wind and solar power.

Never in the history of the country has the government and EVN, mass organizations … simultaneously carried out propaganda to mobilize people to install rooftop solar power to self-supply electricity and reduce pressure on the grid. The country is as urgent as it is now, the energy that technology has proven and developed countries have applied over 30 years ago, Asean has used it for more than 10 years and is very successful.

LITHACO is one of the few companies with more than 12 years of experience in the field of energy. We specialize in providing leading all-in-one Solar Power solutions in Vietnam. LITHACO’s services provide, install, operate and maintain (EPC and O&M) all-round solar power systems for civil and businesses. In addition, LITHACO also specializes in consulting, designing and training solar PV for individuals and organizations interested in this field.

Agents branch

Technical training session of Lithaco with SMA

Starting in December 2019 LITHACO Decided not to distribute inverters made in China to focus on world-famous solar brands such as: German Steca inverter, German king of transformer It has been established since 1974 and its products are manufactured at a factory in Germany. Business segment inverters SMA (Germany), KAKO (Germany) are the two leading brands in the world in the field of solar inverters. As for KAKO, from March 1, 2019, having merged with the brand giant Siemens for over 170 years, Siemens acquired KAKO to fulfill its ambition to dominate the energy industry through a strategy of intensive penetration into the power sector. Therefore, Siemens KAKO inverter with a new name for residential and industrial segments is gaining the trust of customers around the world, Siemens KAKO is the champion of the chain inverter by criteria. Efficiency and durability are true to the German manufacturing school.

Agents branch

Currently we are developing agents throughout the country. We would like to invite organizations and individuals who are interested in the field of civil solar power and businesses to do business with us for mutual success and prosperity.

Agents branch

The free solar PV seminar is held periodically

Agency policy

With the desire to bring solar power to as many households and businesses in Vietnam as possible, LITHACO is seeking partners who are individuals and organizations to cooperate with, and policy of LITHACO’s agents. As a companion policy, we view the success of our partners as our own success, sincere cooperation to prosper together.

So when cooperating with LITHACO, agents will be:

  • Attractive discount according to agency policy
  • Training and instructions for installation, maintenance.
  • Training and design guidelines
  • Technical support regularly.
  • Support guide legal procedures
  • Support to install the first 2 sets, then guide to technical training and installation training.
  • Sales support and customer advice
  • Posted on LITHACO’s Profile to increase sales opportunities.
  • Assigned to supply, install LITHACO’s works to the nearest dealers.
  • Sponsor the design of the sign and hang the sign with the LITHACO logo and the words “As LITHACO’s agent”
  • Being certified as a dealer of LITHACO to enhance the brand and increase customer confidence.

Transfer documents, sample forms … and periodic training by LITHACO and experts from USA, Germany, UK …




Sign up to become a Lithaco partner today:

  • Tel: 1900 252527
  • Email: info@lithaco.com
  • Zalo: 094.181.2233
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lithaco.vn/
  • Head office address: 514 Trần Văn Giàu, Phường Tân Tạo, Quận Bình Tân, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh









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