Rooftop solar power in Vietnam has just begun to ‘rekindle’

Rooftop solar power in Vietnam has just begun to 'rekindle'
Rooftop solar power in Vietnam has just begun to ‘rekindle’

A lot of people mistakenly believe that solar power in Vietnam has exploded and developed too much, so what is the truth, is there really solar PV in Vietnam last time was in full bloom?

In fact, this is not the case, according to the first incentive mechanism in Vietnam solar power development has broken the planning of 4.5GWp in a short time. However, that figure mainly comes from 82 Solar Farm projects in some well-radiated provinces such as Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Tay Ninh, Gia Lai, Long An …

Meanwhile, according to the data of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), by the end of November 2019, the country had 19,378 rooftop solar power projects with a total capacity of 318 MW concentrated in the southern provinces (73% of total system capacity). If compared to the potential of 30 million roofs, this number is too small (0.065%) and can even say the roof surface electricity is like a small drop of water in the vast ocean, it is like a small fire started. ‘ Experiences from the leading countries, after a period of early encouragement to attract investment, the policies of governments began to curb large projects to replace with encouraging electricity projects the roof of the roof because of its obvious advantages such as the roof is available, does not occupy land fund, existing line infrastructure, mobilizes social capital …

It can be seen that three times of drafting a new incentive mechanism, or FIT 2, the intention of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to impose the price of solar power on the ground but still keep the price of rooftop solar power, the last draft on 6 / 12/2019 The Ministry of Industry and Trade again adjusted to this, which is difficult to understand because even EVN has repeatedly suggested that the price should be kept at 9.35 cents to encourage people to install and the Ministry of Industry and Trade itself. Project 2023 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (2023 / QD / BCT dated July 5, 2019) elaborates a detailed program to promote rooftop solar power. The most recent addition in the Government Office’s 402 / TB-VPCP notice dated November 22, 2019, on the Prime Minister’s directing conclusions at the government permanent meeting on the draft new incentive mechanism for electricity. Vietnam Sun also stated that the government will continue to encourage rooftop solar PV because of the above advantages.

No idea what policymakers are thinking and calculating but if the actual reduction in rooftop solar PV prices is only beginning to rekindle, it’s actually a step backward for this draft. Knowing this time, EVN will continue to suggest to keep the price of 9.35 cents until the end of 2020, this recommendation is very reasonable because more than anyone else, EVN knows that the current roof solar PV is small compared to its potential and EVN also knows very well the rapid benefits it brings, thinking that this proposal will be agreed by the people. Hopefully the government is wise before making decisions.

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