How does business household invest solar power effective?

How does business household invest solar power effective?
Solar power investment optimal solution 

With a monthly electricity bill of up to tens of millions of dong, many business households are tending to invest in solar power, while saving costs and helping to protect the environment.

Solar power: Endless energy source

Solar power is a renewable energy source, unlike fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas … is the fuel source can not be recovered. According to calculations by NASA, the sun can provide energy for us in about 6.5 billion years.

This clean energy source has enormous potential, the surface of the earth is entitled to 120,000 terawatts (TW) of sunlight, 20,000 times higher than the needs of humans worldwide (1TW = 1,000 billion W). With a sustainable supply, solar power plays the role of replacing non-renewable energy sources and contributing to environmental protection.

Recently, in the struggle to protect the environment, solar energy is a top concern, which can partially replace energy from non-renewable fuel sources. This energy source plays an important role in protecting the environment from global warming.

Solar power investment optimal solution

In the context of rising electricity prices, not only households, many business households have also turned to solar energy. By March 2019, according to the official notice of EVN, the average increase is 8.3% but in fact, business households are being charged very high electricity prices especially during rush hours (9.30 to 11.30 and 17g to 20g). At a price of 4,587 VND / Kwh, it must be said that this is a very high price, plus noon is the time when business households use the most electricity. This increase in electricity prices has surprised many business households when they see electricity bills.

The solution to reduce electricity costs for business households is to choose small-sized electrical equipment, save electricity and install solar power. If the selection of low-energy devices such as LED lights, inverter air conditioners, new-generation refrigerators can be completely implemented, the economical use of electricity is not easy. Because of the nature of the business that needs to be used, the more you expand the business, the more you use it, the more customers it attracts. So a possible solution is the installation of solar power to cut the tops of high electricity prices during the day.

Switching to solar batteries will be a perfect solution, saving a significant cost in the budget. Moreover, the maintenance and maintenance of solar systems for business households is also affordable. According to some solar battery manufacturers, the life of these products can last from 20-25 years.

According to studies, the most generated solar power system is from 9:30 am to 15:30 pm, this is also the time when businesses are charged with high prices and the amount of electricity generated from solar power system during the period this point will help businesses cut high prices.
How does business household invest solar power effective?Consultancy table for wattage selection for business households.


Normally, business households usually install 10 kWp or 50 kWp systems depending on the amount of electricity used. In Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces if the average 10kWp system generates from 40kWh to 45kWp per day. Thus, each month will have 1,200kWh to 1,350kWh, with this output will help business households save from 3.8 million to 4.5 million per month depending on the season.

Investment rate and payback period

Looking at the table above, if a business household has a electricity bill of VND 10 million per month, they can choose a capacity of 20kWp or 25kWp, the investment rate is from 390 million to over 550 million depending on the technology selection.

Using simple calculations, we can see the effect of using solar energy on business households. For example, if a business household installs a capacity of 25 kWp at a cost of VND 495 million (choosing good technology, the electricity output will be more and the system will be more durable), after 4 years will payback, the system will continue used for more than 25 years.
How does business household invest solar power effective?The table is converted into money from the electricity generated.

This can be seen, among the subjects installing solar power, business households are the most beneficial. Because business households are charged the highest price, especially during the day, the solar system works very well in the daytime, especially during peak hours.

It is known that in the Vietnamese market, Lithaco is a pioneer in developing solar energy. Lithaco is known for its top quality products such as Tie 1 panels (Bloomberg level 1 panels) of SMA inverter, Seimens Kako are two famous German brands.

If customers install Lithaco solar panels with capacity of 10KWP or higher, they will be offered Smart TV LG 49 ″. Free VinFast electric motorbike or 65-inch Sony Smart TV when customers install from 50KWP or more.

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