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Invitation for investment cooperation

Dear Investors and partners

First of all, LITHACO would like to send to investors the greetings of cooperation.

The energy revolution is booming all over the world and it has spread to Vietnam as an indispensable rule, but the surprising thing is that it develops at an amazing speed.

So there is something unusual for Vietnam, the answer in that Vietnam is facing the risk of serious electricity shortage not only this year but also many years to come. As a developing country that needs more than 10% of Vietnam’s annual energy growth, the problem is that Vietnam’s energy industry depends too much on coal thermal power (over 50%), thermal power, partially hydroelectric, very small wind and solar power.

Two nuclear power plants planned to be built in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan have been suspended by the National Assembly since 2016. While currently more than 47 major thermal power projects are behind schedule due to lack of capital or unearned revenue. If they can arrange capital, the current power plants do not have enough coal to run at their full capacity. Thermal power plants running on gas from oil fields also have no guarantee of adequate raw materials in the future because of oil exploitation. increasingly difficult due to the unreasonable sovereignty dispute in the East Sea of China, large hydroelectricity almost runs out of space to develop … perhaps the only reasonable solution to Vietnam’s potential problem at this time is solar power.

Invitation for investment cooperation
Thư mời hợp tác cùng phát triển điện mặt trời tại Việt Nam

Recognizing that, the government has issued an incentive mechanism (Fit) through the decision of 11/2017 with the purchase price of solar electricity for all types of 9.35us cents and achieved the most success. It is expected that over 82 solar power projects will be energized within only 3 months from April to June 30, setting an unprecedented record for the history of the country’s electricity industry and turning Vietnam into a nation with The fastest development rate of solar power in the world today.

However, the above-mentioned solar power plants are facing problems of capacity release because the construction of the plant is too fast, the speed of transmission line construction cannot keep up.

The Government will continue to promulgate the Fit 2 incentive mechanism, reducing the purchase price for solar farms but keeping the incentive price of 9.35 cents on rooftop solar PV converted into VND 2,156. / kwh, applied from July 1, 2019 to 2021. This is a great opportunity for investors interested in the energy sector, because investment rates have dropped sharply today, along with prices. If buying preferential prices as above, only about 4.5 years to 5 years will recover the capital and continue to earn more than 15 years. An investment channel is not risky because it is bought by the government through a signed contract which is valid for 20 years

Not surprisingly, domestic and foreign investors are scouring for projects. As a company with more than 12 years of experience in the energy sector and having done over 2000+ rooftop projects from residential to business, of course we also saw this opportunity.

But with our limited resources, we cannot carry out our own business strategy with our own resources. So we invite Investors, partners with financial potentials interested in the energy sector to work with us to succeed and prosper together.

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