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Lithaco Solar Power Company continuously conducts basic and intensive training courses in the field of solar power at technical schools nationwide.

In addition to the schools that have sent students to practice as Bach Khoa University, Industrial University, Ly Tu Trong Vocational College, Cao Thang, Vocational College No. 9 of Military Zone 9, … need to expand cooperation with schools in the western provinces: Can Tho, Soc Trang, Dong Thap, Ca Mau, Kien Giang, An Giang and the central provinces: Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Nghe An,…

Training and development from technical schools:

Links with schools through scholarship activities for underprivileged students, students with good academic achievement, scientific innovation projects, receiving and guiding activities lead students to practice.

Besides, LITHACO engineers come to schools to organize seminars on technical topics such as lighting design, design guidance and selection of standard switches, instructions for calculating and selecting refrigeration systems, etc. LITHACO engineers can combine the introduction and instruction of construction equipment use, cooperation through the sharing of teaching materials, equipment catalogs.

The company needs to train and build a reserve force while you are still studying in the school chair, creating conditions for you to study and work at the same time, this will surely benefit both sides on the side. students both earn extra income and accumulate experience, on the side of the company, there is always a reserve team to supplement the works when needed.

Model of Solar Energy Practice Workshop

The practice workshop is a place for vocational school graduates to familiarize themselves with the job, machinery, industrial behavior, working hours, basic skills before going to work officially.

Lithaco’s practice workshop at Vocational College No. 9 was officially put into operation in 2018

Images of students are guided by Lithaco Engineers

This is a model of cooperation between Vocational College No. 9 and LITHACO, this model will be a breakthrough in skilled human resources of the company.

A workshop on occupational safety at workshop

The company’s policy for the coming years is to constantly improve the quality of its human resources by recruiting quality new employees and providing technical and professional training to existing employees.
Students are taught how to use special tools

In addition, Lithaco regularly organizes seminars on solar power systems from theory to practice for those who are passionate about this new energy industry.

Lithaco coordinated with the local electricity company to carry out a program of guiding consultants to develop solar PV on rooftop to help EVN reduce the grid pressure in the following years.


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