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Vietnam is facing the risk of serious electricity shortage, especially in southern Vietnam, a series of thermal plants are behind schedule. The operating plants have to import fuel, the oil fields are extremely difficult because of China’s irrational sovereignty, coal mines are also gradually exhausted, large hydroelectricity has almost no space left. To develop, the nuclear power project in Ninh Thuan was also suspended by the National Assembly in 2016.

Currently, electricity consumption is only half of the world average (1,700 kWh / person / year, while the world average is 3,500 kWh / person / year) Vietnam has had to import energy while the demand grows. The annual energy of over 10.3% shows that it takes Vietnam several decades to solve its energy shortage problem. Perhaps solar power is the only reasonable solution to save Vietnam from the risk of electricity shortage.

Never in the history of the country has the government and EVN, mass organizations … simultaneously carried out propaganda to mobilize people to install rooftop solar power to self-supply electricity and reduce pressure on the grid as urgently as now, the energy that technology has proven and developed countries have applied more than 30 years ago, Asean from more than 10 years ago and very successful.

LITHACO is one of the few companies with more than 12 years of experience in the field of energy. We specialize in providing leading solar package solutions in Vietnam. LITHACO’s services specialize in consulting, designing, constructing, installing, operating and maintaining all-round solar power systems for Civil and Enterprises.


                                  SOLAR POWER BUSINESS COOPERATOR

LITHACO’s products

With the strategy of saying no to Chinese inverters and with the desire to bring quality products of the world into Vietnam, LITHACO is a distributor of world famous solar power brands such as Qcells, a big German brand was acquired by Fortune 500 Hanwha Group in 2012 and is constantly investing to become the world’s most recognized battery. It is headquartered in Germany, South Korea and factories in Korea, Malaysia, USA …, LITHACO’s products are mainly from factories in Korea and Malaysia. Besides Panasonic panels with superior technology HIT (heterogeneous technology) is one of the two highest-performance panels in the world besides Sunpower (USA), Panasonic HIT panels are a perfect choice for the Urban houses lack installation space. Steca civil inverter of Germany, the king of civil inverter it was founded in 1974 and the product is manufactured at a factory in Germany. Business segment inverters SMA (Germany), KAKO (Germany) are the two leading brands in the world in the field of solar inverters. As for KAKO, since March 1, 2019, it has merged with the brand giant Seimens over 170 years, Seimens acquired KAKO to fulfill its ambition to dominate the energy industry through a strategy of deep penetration into the energy industry. Solar energy, so inverters with the new name Seimens KAKO for civil and industrial segments are gaining the trust of customers around the world, Seimens KAKO is the champion of chain inverters by criteria Efficiency and durability are true to the German manufacturing school.

Currently, we are looking for passionate business partners and see the great potential of the solar power field to cooperate with us to bring solar power products to every household and enterprise in Vietnam.

SOLAR POWER BUSINESS Collaborator Policy is a policy of business cooperation and profit sharing.


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